chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

A Photo Is Worth...

Hello to my fanbase! (Kidding...) I decided that I'm truly lazy and won't be blogging about my trip to Australia and New Zealand. (Surprise, surprise...) Basically, I have no time/motivation, but also, it's all in slideshow format on Flickr. To check out the play by play, go here.

It's time for a trip montage!

// Japan
Kate In Japan!
Shinjuku's Famous CrossingOverstimulation
Anpan Kate!Mixing of Worlds!!
Daibutsu Up Close

// Australia
Shiny Happy People
Downtown BrisbaneAn Ibis Takes A Stroll
A WallabyKoalas Being Active
Holding A Koala!
Crikey! A Croc!
Byron BayMy Thongs On The BeachKate On The BeachBeachwalkers' Shadows
Fantastic Sunset
The Sydney Opera House
Sydney TowerStatues on the ANZAC Memorial
High Above MelbourneUp High

// New Zealand
The Auckland Skyline
Sky TowerAuckland Sail
Sheep!Pebbly Beach at Kaikoura
Kari and I Back Together!
The Mountains, The Rocks, A Seal
Sperm Whale!

// Hong Kong
Back In Hong Kong

What a sexy looking trip, eh? ;)
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On November 10, 2006, Blogger Brad said:

You've perfected the five o'clock shadow Chris. Don Johnson would be proud.

Also, that skyline-at-night shot of Hong Kong over the lake has gotta be worth some money. That's unreal.    

On November 10, 2006, Blogger Brad said:

well, I suppose that would be over the ocean. Whatever, alright? Don't judge me.    

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