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The Rise and Fall of a T-shirt

Some of my best clothing has been acquired through impulse shopping. In fact, it's reasonable to assume that almost all my clothes have been impulse buys. I think the only person I know that goes out to buy specific items is Amanda.

"Today, I'm looking for a black merino wool or cashmere cardigan that's not too long and has no neck. Preferably, it will have cute buttons and cutting edge details or a subtle pattern. I'm also looking for a pair of brown sandals that are strappy with a flat raised heel and a backing. The brown should be dark, but not too dark. Suede is okay."

After three hours of searching the mall, or at times, the city, she'll walk away having bought only a couple of pairs of socks. Meanwhile, I'll walk away with three or four bags filled with t-shirts, pants, hats, or shoes. Sigh.

On one such consumer adventure last week, Amanda and I wandered into Takeo Kikuchi -- a famous Japanese designer (apparently). I was 'only looking' and Amanda was 'searching' again. An hour of fittings and decisions later, I walked out of that joint with a new pair of pink/purple jeans and a peach t-shirt. (Don't worry, fashionistas; they're not going together!) I was suddenly less financially liquid, but more fashionably hot.

My peach TK shirt made it's debut at The Bento Boys CD release party in Uozu Saturday night.

Francie and I

I got a surprising number of compliments! Perhaps 16 or 17. Seriously! (I'm not bragging or anything...)

The party was pretty fun, at least for me (sorry Britons). Between you and me, I would say I got h-a-m-m-e-r-e-d. Beer, chuhis, red wine, tequila, whoops...

"But Chris," you say, "why would you drink red wine whilst wearing a new shirt and being slightly coordination-challenged?" Good question. My shirt would also like to know why:

Red Wine Stain
Red Wine Stains Up Close

I woke up in the morning covered in purple streaks! It was so tragic that I just had to laugh at it all. My shirt had flown too close to the sun and got burned. It was pretty much trash.

Or was it?

I figured that since my shirt was bound for the garbage bin anyway, I might as well try getting out the stains any way possible. I searched for a method to remove wine stains and found an unusual recipe. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish soap can apparently remove even the most stubborn stains. (Is that line copyrighted?) I decided to give it a go.

In Canada, (here we go...) we can buy litres of hydrogen peroxide at any store. Not so in Japan. After much discussion with the Kahma Home Center guy, it was decided that I should go to a drug store, maybe with my passport. Maybe they won't let foreigners buy H202 (h.p.) without proof that they are indeed foreigners. (??) It turns out I didn't need an ID to buy my ¥150 bottle of Oxydol (the Japanese name for h.p.).

Armed with a secret home remedy, I embarked on a journey into cleaning that only house wives/husbands (gotta be PC) have the stomach for. One wash and dry cycle later, it was judgement time... It worked!! The concoction totally worked! My shirt is (almost) completely free of all purple streaks and spots. Whew. I couldn't have promised myself I wouldn't buy another shirt to replace the damaged one, but now I don't have to!

So, what's the moral of this story? Don't mix red wine and expensive shirts? No. What's the fun in that? No, I think the moral of the story is this: Always trust the internet to produce the answers to life's problems.
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