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Sushi Eating Contest!

Yes! I finally did it! Jimmy and I have been planning to compete against each other in a sushi eating contest for quite some time. We had our chance yesterday at Kito Kito Sushi in Toyama City. Warren decided to enter the contest as well, along with a bunch of other witnesses.

In a stroke of luck, which may have actually been due to my sleeping in until 13:00, I hadn't eaten anything earlier that day. The first plate went down well. I devoured it, actually.

The First Plate

The next few plates quickly followed their predecessor. Very tasty. My compliments to KKS. I decided to stick to the ¥120 silver plates only, just to keep things cheap. Who knows what double-digit number of servings my gastric experience would involve?

Sushi Passes By

For those of you heading to Kito Kito Sushi any time soon, I highly recommend the gyoza sushi. It's some sort of mutated sushi, consisting of a deep-fried gyoza piece loosely attached to a brick of cold rice. Hey, if the Japanese call it sushi, it's gotta be, right? I have to admit, these pieces were a little hard to get down. I think it was plate #6.

Gyoza Sushi!

I think it was around plate #13 that I started to see things. My chopsticks and plates were getting a little hazy. It doesn't help that my ebi (shrimp) fry sushi still had its eyes attached.

Look Into My Eyes!

We took a survey of our current plate count at one point. Just looking at the stack made my stomach turn.

Higher and HigherColour-Coded Plates

In a bid to catch up with Jimmy and Warren, I ordered ice cream and melon. We decided that both counted as an item, as you get a plate with the dishes. My efforts were in vain, however. Jimmy, the "Toyama Eating Champion", kicked my butt.

Jimmy -- The Undefeated Toyama Eating ChampionI Lose

The final count:

Me // 16 plates
Warren // 18 plates
Jimmy // 19 plates

Congratulations Jimmy!! You truly deserve your well-defended title.

I'm just going to go lie down now. I think I'm about to enter a sugar-induced coma...
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