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chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

⏏ Mega List: Things I'll Miss About Japan

» Black seasame treats (ice cream and cakes)
» Seasonal flavours of chocolate, pop, and beer (rotating between peach, Japanese pear, orange, strawberry, sakura, apple, pineapple, and muscat)
» Purikura (ultra fancy photo booths)
» Getting absolutely anything at combinis (convenience stores)
» Drinking anywhere
» Trains
» Alcohol for sale anywhere (including vending machines)
» Vending machines around every possible corner
» Getting small treats on my desk randomly (omiyage)
» Buying airplane, concert, and movie tickets at combinis
» Japanese stationary and paper crafts
» Getting anything at ¥100 shops
» Bowing
» Mountains
» The ocean
» Going to Tokyo or Osaka for the weekend
» Unlimited umbrellas
» Nomihodais (unlimited drinks)
» Tabihodais (unlimited food)
» Singing karaoke in private booths
» Festivals
» My students
» The mild weather
» Not having to tip
» Being close to the rest of Asia
» Japanese variety TV programs
» Concerts
» Everyone being stylish
» Being paid a seven-figure salary (even though it's only yen)
» Keitais (cellphones)
» Being special
» Kotatsus (heated tables)
» Fresh sushi
» Hanami (drunken cherry blossom viewing)
» Japanese fireworks
» Buying and using fireworks anywhere
» The Hokuriku Canada Association (free gourmet buffets at stylish hotels with Canadian ambassadors and Japanese princesses)
» Chu-his
» Getting naked with a bunch of men in onsens (hot springs)
» People wanting to meet me because I'm different
» The four seasons
» Special products
» "One of the Top Three"
» Cheap bananas
» Japanese grocery carts
» Everything having a cartoon mascot
» Meeting people from all over the world
» Feeling superior to tourists
» Cute clothing stores
» The paper that goes over your face during a shampoo at a salon
» Men's chocolate
» Remembering that Japan's nature really does look like old school Nintendo games, with the rounded trees, small hills, mushrooms...
» Getting mail delivered on Saturday
» Tatami and paper blinds
» Reading about the 'latest technology' in North America, then realising the same thing has been available at my corner store for several months
» Discount travel agents
» Canned coffee, both hot and cold
» Japanese rice
» Cheap birthday flights (now defunct...)
» Rice planting season
» Sapporo, Asahi, and Kirin
» Bento lunches
» Rotating sushi restaurants
» Hidden shrines, temples, statues, and gardens
» Thousands of years of history
» Being able to celebrate both Canadian and Japanese holidays (twice the fun!)
» Interesting photo subjects everywhere
» Telling people I live in Japan
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On May 16, 2006, Blogger ambamarie said:

nice list. i agree with most.

4 seasons? hahaha. you're continuing the stereotype there. please just tell them that yellowknife has 4 distinct seasons, whether it does or not. for the love.

you dont have postal delivery on saturday in canada?    

On May 16, 2006, Blogger Chris said:

"The four seasons" was tongue-in-cheek. Although, Yellowknife only has two seasons. Winter and construction. (Yellowknife joke, but true...)

No post on Saturday. Does NC get mail on the weekend? Weird.    

On June 07, 2006, Blogger Tony said:

Ha!!! Love that list.

My favourite is the paper that goes over your face at a salon.

Crazy Nippon!!


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