chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47


Riding Down the Slope

Hakuba, Nagano-ken is one of the best places in Japan for snowboarding. Kei invited a bunch of us to join him for a boarding weekend from March 18th to the 19th. Here are the highlights from the trip.

Most Memorable Moments
一 Waking up at 06:00 to get on the road.
二 Ai-chan showing up hammered from his enkai the night before.
三 Realising I'm a little better at snowboarding than I thought.
四 Snowboarding in the rain.
五 6 naked guys in an outdoor onsen pool.
六 Invading Jusco.
七 Nabe.
八 Crapping out on top of the mountain.
九 Walking down the mountain.
十 Pumping the tunes on the ride back.

Four Favourite Fotos
The VanCorn???Mountains and SlopesKei's Creepy Mask
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On March 23, 2006, Blogger Gillian said:

Why is the valley snowy but the hills are not???    

On March 23, 2006, Blogger Chris said:

They are snowy, but you can't tell because of the trees. Duh! ;)    

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