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Daimon Junior High School had its graduation ceremony on Wednesday for the 3-nenseis (Grade 9). The day was comprised of the following events, in chronological order:

1) Waiting forever for the ceremony to start
2) Almost falling asleep/almost tearing up at the lengthy ceremony
3) Standing outside in the freezing cold to watch the 3-nenseis leave the school grounds
4) Eating a family's worth of food at a 'fancy' lunch
5) Waiting forever to go home
6) Napping
7) Attending an enkai (staff party) at an Italian restaurant
8) Defying biology by eating more than a family's worth of dinner
9) Getting hammered with colleagues
10) Continuing the party at a 'snack bar' (hostess bar) with all my teachers, not just the males
11) Singing karaoke by myself
12) Eating and drinking more, to my body's protests
13) Somehow getting home
14) Waking up still drunk to teach 5 classes...

Ah, yes.

Graduation Day2-Nensei BoysParade of Students

Through the course of those past 24 hours, I had the following realizations:

» Some of the teachers at my school are true drunks. (I knew this before, but it really hit home yesterday.)
» Singing in English in front of a bunch of Japanese-speakers actually makes the karaoke experience more awkward, not less.
» Explaining why you want to be a lawyer is unexpectedly difficult when drunk and speaking Japanese.
» I have become more brazen with carrying around a lot of cash. (I have at least ¥100,000 in my wallet right now... For my trip!)
» I have gained too much weight this past winter. (I need to kick up my workout several hundred notches.)
» Scheduling someone to have 5 classes after an enkai night is cruel.
» I should stop complaining... >_<

KaraokeSelectionMe, Terashima-sensei, and Komori-sensei

Here is a funnier and more accurate portrayal of graduation in Japan: American Expat's Post
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On March 18, 2006, Blogger Lauren said:

I love days that start out sad and end up fantastic. And that you drink with your co-workers. When is karaoke not awkward, though?    

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