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Osaka Weekend

I think I have managed to spend every single one of my weekends this past couple of months outside of my house. Let's recap my weekends since December, shall we?

December 17-18 // Chicago, Illinois, USA
December 24-25 // Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
December 31-January 1 // Toronto, Ontario, Canada
January 7-8 // Oakville, Ontario, Canada
January 14-15 // Tokyo, Japan
January 21-22 // Home in Imizu, Toyama, Japan!
January 28-29 // Hakuba, Nagano, Japan
February 4-5 // Osaka, Japan

Notice the one time I was home. Wow. I think I need to cool my jets until I leave for Vietnam next month...

So, Osaka. I love the city. Tokyo and Osaka are very different, and I like both for different reasons. Tokyo is crazy and full of adventure; you're never without something to do. Osaka is more cosmopolitan than Tokyo. The streets are wide and green. The subway system is cleaner and less confusing. Everything feels closer to home (a.k.a. Western).

Jose and I took the train down to 'Saka on Saturday to check out a Royksopp concert. Man, those guys know how to make the crowd move! I've only been to a few concerts in Japan where every single Japanese person danced in the audience. (People here usually don't.) The event started early (18:00) and thus ended early (21:00), so we had plenty of time to meet up with Amanda and Tomoji at a fabulous Mexican restaurant. (Notice the lack of quotation marks or 'Tex-Mex' terminology in labeling the restaurant... Jose is vehemently opposed to calling "Mexican" restaurants in Japan as such, but he declared that El Charro in Osaka is a real Mexican place! Shock!) We spent the night in a capsule hotel and woke up to a day of sightseeing and shopping. Oh, and IMAX! I love IMAX. Here are some pics:

The Covered CrowdTomoji and AmandaJose and I
Glass CloudOminous
Bikuri Samurai!
Sunset Over Osaka BayReflections of the HarborAquarium WindowsInside the Curve
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On February 07, 2006, Anonymous Katya said:

Bikuri Samurai is the best picture ever...    

On February 09, 2006, Anonymous heather said:

vietnam, eh? tell me more, where are you going? i wonder how much has changed in the 3 and half years since i went...    

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