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The Lines Have Been Drawn

A single drop in a still pond will cause a ripple to move across the surface, propagating ever outward until either the energy has dispersed or the wave hits something. At a greater perspective, the ripples highlight and expose any disturbances on the surface of the pond by reflecting and propagating new ripples.

The violent demonstrations springing up across the world in response to the cartoons in Denmark are clearly highlighting the lines that are being drawn for the new world war. (Article.) Will this ripple continue or die off?

A bit dramatic? Maybe. Unwarranted? Definitely not.

Do you remember what started WWI? The Archduke of Austria was assassinated by Serbian nationalists in Sarajevo. A small (in perspective) act of violence sparked years of death and sorrow. Of course, there were many other complicated issues that laid the foundations for war.

An excerpt from the World War 1 article on Wikipedia,

The reasons for the outbreak of World War I are a complicated issue; there are many factors which intertwine. Some examples are:

* Fervent and uncompromising nationalism
* Unresolved previous disputes
* The intricate system of alliances
* Convoluted and fragmented governance
* Delays and misunderstandings in diplomatic communications
* The arms races of the previous decades
* Rigidity in military planning

Does any of that sound familiar? Ahem... Iran, Syria, Indonesia, Iraq, Palestine... Don't get me wrong -- I do not discriminate against religions. However, the political rhetoric and hatred coming from these places must be familiar to pre-war Europeans.

The last world war occurred only 60 years ago. It can certainly happen again.
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On February 08, 2006, Blogger Mark said:

I agree with you. It is a scary prospect.    

On February 09, 2006, Blogger OSB said:

Have you heard about the Holocaust cartoon contest that some newspaper is sponsoring? That should really help with Middle Eastern relations.    

On February 09, 2006, Blogger Chris said:

I have heard of it. Tehran's main newspaper is doing it. I hope nobody in the west will react. Someone has to put their foot down.    

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