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Halifax and the Maritimes

December 21
Family Time
What is the very first thing one would do after meeting up with one's family for the first time in a long while? Have brunch together? Visit the ocean together? Try going to the dentist... Two cavities! My first. Later that day, we checked out the fishermen's area of Halifax. My family had flown down from Yellowknife to stay with our cousin and his wife. They have an amazing house right on the Atlantic coast. Not a bad setting for the holidays!

Ocean View

December 22-23
Food and Drink
Had my entire face frozen and my cavities filled. Relaxed and gorged on western food. Visited downtown Halifax and Dartmouth with my family. We checked out the Maritime Museum and the Alexander Keith's Brewery. Keith's is my favourite mainstream Canadian beer. I got a little tipsy...

Fishermen ShopsLobster TrapsFishermen Village
Crabs-R-UsDowntown HalifaxRopes
Alexander Keith's BreweryDucks and DocksTugboats

December 24
Slip and Slide
The heavy snowfall did not deter my family from driving several hours to Peggy's Cove. There's nothing like slippery rocks next to the ocean to get the blood pumping!

Touring Peggy's Cove

December 25
The usual, followed by a walk on the beach. The beach was invigorating that morning! My stocking was filled with some unusual items...

Rocky Beach

December 26-28
What time is it? Maritime!
In true Buchanan fashion, my family piled into a van and went on a road trip. We drove from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Since is was Boxing Day, and the weather was horrible, nothing was open. The home of "Ann of Green Gables" was neither green nor gabley. However, it was fun driving over the "longest bridge over waters that freeze in the world", a.k.a. Confederation Bridge. After lunch in PEI, we drove to Moncton, New Brunswick. We visited with my great aunt and uncle, as well as my other cousin. I hadn't been to these provinces since I was a child, so it was a great time!

Confederation Bridge

December 29-30
Chuckwagons and Trailor Parks
To add to my growing list of vehicles ridden during this trip, my family and I went on a horse chuckwagon ride on a ranch. My mom is ace at finding truly family-type things to do! The next day, my dad and brothers decided to break the law. There is a popular show on Canadian television called "Trailer Park Boys." The set (a trailer park...) happens to be 10 minutes by car from my cousin's home. So, of course, they had to see it. They drove to the place (without me), snapped some pics, and came back. As if to spite them, the camera hadn't worked. I was then forced to go with them with my camera and get the proof of their lawlessness. Ghetto fun!

Carriage HorsesChuckwagon
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