chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

きれい! (Beautiful!)

This morning has made up for the past month of dreariness and rain/slush. I opened my door to a bright, sunny, and foggy morning. The mist made the fresh powdery snow appear to blend into the sky. The trees were encrusted with sparkling ice. Absolutely beautiful! I whistled my way to work. Of course, I grabbed my camera before I left...

Farmer's ShedsFrozen Rice Paddy
The HospitalFrosty Branches
Line of TreesBoys Shoveling The Driveway

There are several other reasons as to why today is fantastic...

a) It's pay day.
b) My luggage is packed and ready to be picked up by the airline.
c) I leave tomorrow for my Christmas vacation!!! Yeeessss!


d) I found out my bank randomly increased my credit card limit by a LOT (even though I don't work in Canada). A dangerous prospect: My card + shopping in Chicago and Toronto.
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On December 15, 2005, Blogger Sista K said:

have a GREAT xmas break!! happy holidays!!    

On December 16, 2005, Blogger ambamarie said:

Have a GREAT trip! Merry Christmas! I'll miss you!!    

On December 19, 2005, Blogger Mark said:

Beautiful photos!! Where is this place? Toyama?    

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