chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

Asa Gohan

a.k.a. "Breakfast"

Recently, I've been waking up later and later, leaving absolutely no time for me to make, let alone eat, breakfast. Since stomach rumblings are one of the most embarrassing things to happen during a quiet class, I must eat something. So, on the way to school, I grab something at FamilyMart. Usually, I get an ume onigiri. I'll eat it in the staffroom right before class. Or, I'll grab a banana and eat it on the way to school.

Have you ever thought you were being sneaky about doing something when, in fact, you're completely obvious about it? Yeah. Enter my breakfast-eating:

1) Banana. With my mad bike skillz, I can easily peel and eat a banana single-handedly whilst guiding my bike down the road. Today, instead of throwing the peel into my bag or in a garbage can, I decide to toss it into some brush. (The squirrels will get it, right?) So I wind up, and toss. It lands not in the brush, or even the gutter, but right in the middle of the sidewalk! Man. That's not sneaky at all. Luckily, no one saw (I think)...

2) Onigiri. I usually eat the onigiri in the staffroom, facing the window. That way, I'm not so blatantly eating at work when I'm not supposed to. Well, yesterday, while I was trying to get the rice down in time for class, one of the secretaries' arms reached around my side and presented some hot tea. "Dozo..." Ugh. Embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing that she served me. (Although I do enjoy my morning coffee delivery from the teacher at the end of my desk area... Is that wrong??)

In conclusion, I've got to wake up earlier.

Yeah, right.
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On October 14, 2005, Blogger Gaz said:

Hey man,
Really well put together blog. Took a look at your profile. Some Great bands on there! Saw Arcade Fire at a festival in Ireland last month. What an experience! Have you ever listened to Interpol? You should man, they're amazing! Hope this dosen't seem too strange!
Take care,

On October 14, 2005, Blogger ambamarie said:

Usually I heat up an English muffin and have some yogurt, but if i dont have time, I bring my yogurt to school and eat it during first period. Is that bad? I can never figure out if it's against the rules to eat breakfast at your desk....oh well...i'm a gaijin.    

On October 17, 2005, Anonymous heather said:


i used to always eat my peanut butter sandwich and yogurt at work...first thing at my desk and get pissed off if someone dared to talk to me before i finished..probably best that i am now on the south shore of england and not still in japan.. i have met a bunch of j-folks here who are suitably impressed that i lived in kagoshima (they have never been there) and it is great to be able to talk to them in english

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