chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

I'm Dream

One of my students wrote a speech, and I am currently editing it. I can't help but share it with you. The English is so bad, that it's almost poetic. Read it with a beatnik rhythm in your head.

I'm dream nursery school teacher. Because I like children and I want to learn various with children.

This signal is two events.

The one event, I'm playing every day with cousin's baby when I am pupil. When I went back home finished elementary school, there is a her. And she my meeting -- at the top of one's voice by hall. I'm remember voice and face running she still.

By the way, I'm different doing to amuse baby.

My cousin's two babies but they different laugh point. I felt start from when baby's character. When sister's baby, she touced electricity cord so please. And when sister's baby, I...

I spend such every day. I think want to profession be with children.

Second, "fourty year challenge." I was doing nursery school teacher.

My work is set there was a child bad a eye. A child is a boy. He's very cute. And I want to care think a boy.

By the way, I ring occurrence mind.

When he wear uniform, I think that great! I give wear he to uniform.

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On August 02, 2005, Blogger ambamarie said:

that's awesome. i could hear wyclef beating that out. or maybe sublime would be good. wow. maybe our new career instead of "techno accapella" could be "engrish lappu(rap)".;)    

On August 03, 2005, Blogger Gillian said:

Wow, that is super fantastic! I think when I first came here, I would have just thought it was bad english... but now I'm just thrilled that they tried so hard and didn't give up when they didn't know how to say things!
Of course, I don't envy you the job of editing (ie. re-writing) it! Ganbatte!    

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