chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

Japanese Truth [第6]

After a year in Japan, you will start making a mental list of songs to sing the next time you do karaoke.

Example: "Inside Out" by Eve 6 was just added to my list.

My Duran Duran Period

After experiencing the fabulousness that is Duran Duran at Summer Sonic in Osaka, I have been obsessed. My iPod has been repeating their 'Greatest' album for the last week. It evokes a sense of constant nostalgia. Man, I loved the 80's!

My favourite track is one that I haven't heard before -- "Reflex." So Duran Duran.

Duran Duran

Random Thought [第12]

There is nothing more comical than a cigarette loosely hanging from an old man's mouth.

Suggested Sights:

1) An old Japanese man biking down the road, cigarette lit and about to fall.
2) The lead guitarist of Duran Duran, looking like one more cigarette will be his final one.

When Convenient Stores Are Too Convenient

So I was just laying on my bed Jabba-the-Hut-style, watching a movie, when the baby kicks. It's hungry. Even though I had just fed it several hours earlier, it has again managed to interrupt me. I've started to ignore its calls in an effort to control the feeding times. This isn't working. Especially when a convenience store is a minute bike ride away. I gave in this time, but it won't happen again. I've got to be strong!

Wiki Wiki

This past month has been a desolate one for my mind. In order to awaken it, or at least not kill it off, I decided to learn one thing a day from Wikipedia.

In case you don't know, Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, written by people from all over the world. Almost every conceivable topic is covered, with varying levels of accuracy and detail.

Yesterday, I learned all about nuclear meltdowns and the Chernobyl accident. This is pretty interesting stuff. And the articles get into the meat of it.

Today, I reading up on petroleum. I think it's important to learn about stuff that affects your life everyday, like petroleum.

Tomorrow, I may read about the history of Sudan. Who knows? :)



7 AM Yoshinoya
Originally uploaded by buck82.
For the past two weeks, I've been attending various dinners and beer gardens, welcoming the new JETs to Japan. It's been tiring! ;)

This pic is of Amber, Bryan, Dan, and Max in Yoshinoya (a noodle chain) at 07:00 Sunday morning. I think that says it all...

The Pastry

I see it there. Sitting in it's wicker basket. Nestled between others of its kind. Golden, flaky, creamy... Unsuspecting.

In my hung-over daze, I wandered into this place. Why does alcohol induce this craving in me? No matter. It's time to satisfy.

My gold and white thongs grip the pastry creation. I delicately lift it out of its home and place it next to the other chosen ones on my paper tray. The current selection includes the sugar ball, the star bun, and the choco-croissant. This pastry is different, though. I've never seen it before. It's small and square, with a flaky crust framing a white cream centre. What is that in the centre? Probably something delicious. I hope. I pay for my indulgence and head home.

After making some strong coffee, I rip into the cellophane covering my intended brunch. Feeling slightly hesitant about eating the mystery pastry right away, I munch on the croissant. Mmm mmm. So good. Next it will be... no, not yet. The sugar ball looks good... Yep! That's the stuff.

Okay, no more delaying. It's time for another round of Japanese pastry exploration. I will never forget the first time I bit into an anko (red bean) bun thinking it was chocolate chip. Or the time I forced down the mayo- and ham-filled roll that I mistook for a regular, palatable roll. At least I know this Japanese interpretation of French bakery doesn't involve hot dogs (unlike 25% of those in the store).

The one rule I've developed through my time in Japan is to never assume. My assumption for this pastry is that it's filled with cream cheese.

I raise it to my mouth, bite, and chew. Hmmm... It's not bad... What is that flavor? ... Is that... CORN?! There's corn in my pastry!! CORN! GAH! JAPAN!!! *shaking my fist*

"At least it's not ham," I think as I pop the rest of it into my mouth.

I'm Dream

One of my students wrote a speech, and I am currently editing it. I can't help but share it with you. The English is so bad, that it's almost poetic. Read it with a beatnik rhythm in your head.

I'm dream nursery school teacher. Because I like children and I want to learn various with children.

This signal is two events.

The one event, I'm playing every day with cousin's baby when I am pupil. When I went back home finished elementary school, there is a her. And she my meeting -- at the top of one's voice by hall. I'm remember voice and face running she still.

By the way, I'm different doing to amuse baby.

My cousin's two babies but they different laugh point. I felt start from when baby's character. When sister's baby, she touced electricity cord so please. And when sister's baby, I...

I spend such every day. I think want to profession be with children.

Second, "fourty year challenge." I was doing nursery school teacher.

My work is set there was a child bad a eye. A child is a boy. He's very cute. And I want to care think a boy.

By the way, I ring occurrence mind.

When he wear uniform, I think that great! I give wear he to uniform.


A Note On My Blog's New Name

I titled this blog "chris vs. japan." This statement doesn't mean I hate Japan or feel threatened by it. Rather, I feel challenged by Japan daily. I constantly have to re-evaluate myself and what I think is 'normal.' This is definitely a good thing. It makes life interesting and is the reason I chose to live in this country another year.

Photo Blog

I recently decided that I'm going to cancel my .Mac membership in September. (It's too much money for what you get.) Instead of sharing my photos that way (here), I'm going to use Flickr. It's a much better service. Check out my photos here.

So, in order to keep everyone up-to-date on my photos, I've created a photo blog. ( I'll post descriptions and links to the online albums as soon as I publish them. Please check 'em out!

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