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Kanji Are Fun!

I've been obsessed with kanji lately. Kanji are the Chinese characters used in the written Japanese language. They represent ideas, as well as spoken words. The words usually have two or more meanings, but kanji only have one meaning.

For example, the word 'hashi' means: bridge, chopsticks, edge, and several others. But the kanji are different:

橋 - bridge
箸 - chopstick
端 - edge

It's kind of cool!

All my kids have their last names written on their name tag in kanji. So I try to learn them when I'm bored in class. My favs are:

三川 (mitsukawa) - three rivers
村石 (muraishi) - village stone
杉本 (sugimoto) - cedar book
田中 (tanaka) - in a rice field
野村 (nomura) - field village
金田 (kanada) - gold rice field
小森 (komori) - small forest
川井 (kawai) - river well
北山 (kitayama) - northern mountain

Anyway, you get the point. It's cute.

This is where I live:

大門町、射水郡、富山県 - large gate town, morphism water area, wealth mountain prefecture

Sounds exciting! (But it's not...)
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On June 10, 2005, Anonymous lacey said:

I like learning my kids kanji too...although i think it is interesting that the common names around here are probably different than the ones where you live , so we would be learning differnt kanji..    

On June 10, 2005, Blogger Gillian said:

I'm going to take a brave stand and say that I don't find kanji all that interesting. There you go - now call me a traitor to this Japanese enculturation!    

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