chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

Embarrassment of the Week [2005年4月26日]

In an almost impossible move, I manage to trump my performance from last week...

English Teacher: "Okay, everyone listen to Chris sing!"

Me: [Thinking it was more of the ABC song... Which I feel more comfortable with now.]

English Teacher: [Whips out a stereo and starts playing a rap beat.]

Me: [Burst out laughing.]

Stereo: [In rap fashion.] "A is for ah-ah-apple. B is for ba-ba-bear. C is for ka-ka-cow. ..."

[In unison:]
English Teacher: "D is for da-da-dog. E is for eh-eh-egg. F is for fa-fa-..."
Me: "D is for da-da-dog. E is for ee... ehegg. Fisfor fa-fa-..."

Me: [Terrified for the next random song to be introduced in the middle of class.]
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On April 27, 2005, Blogger Gillian said:

Chris, I laughed out loud at the image! Well done! My hero!    

On May 01, 2005, Anonymous Kate said:

Wow, Chris the rapper! You are a superstar.    

On May 06, 2005, Anonymous lauren said:

chris, it think you should call yourself "Buck 69". Your single could be "ABC my ass, mutha fucker"    

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