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DJ in Kanazawa

Sarah and I went to Kanazawa Saturday night to check out a DJ. His name is Towa Tei, and he was the DJ in Delite! You remember Delite. "Groove is in the heeeeart! Groove is in the heeeaaararaart!"

We had dinner beforehand. Of course it took at least 30 minutes to find a decent restaurant. In Japan, there are no street signs, and the roads wind in twists and turns. So, it's nearly impossible to find a place you've only read about! (I have spent perhaps 4 hours of my life so far looking for restaurants in Kanazawa, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Sapporo...) Eventually we settled on Italian.

Sarah and I
Sarah and I on our 'romantic date' eating Italian. (Not for real!)

Afterwards, we got our groove on at the club. The DJ was pretty good! A mix of old house and new stuff.

A Japanese dance club is something to experience. When the dance floor becomes crowded, people behave as though it was a concert. Everyone faces the DJ whilst dancing. So weird! Sarah and I would resist facing forward whilst dancing, but it was hard when everyone else was looking in the same direction! It's especially creepy when everyone starts moving in sync. So cult-like!

We ended up staying out all night and caught the first local train back to Takaoka. Good times being exhausted. But it was worth it!

Can I just share with you a typical budget for a Japanese night out? Okay.

Train to venue: ¥820
Starbucks: ¥1,000
Dinner with wine: ¥2,200
Club entrance fee: ¥3,500
Drinks: 6 x ¥500 = ¥3,000
Early morning snacking: ¥500
Taxi to train station: ¥1,100
Train back: ¥820

TOTAL: ¥12,940 (C$149.85)

Daaaaaamn! I think Gillian would agree with me on this budget. (She often goes to Fukuoka for all-nighters.) I'm glad I have an inflated salary to make up for it!
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On April 18, 2005, Blogger Gillian said:

Yeah, I'm with you on that budget Chris... although thanks to the magic of the Happy Cock nighclubs and capsule hotels, we can usually keep a Fukuoka night out at about 10 000 yen ($110 ish). On the other hand, if we go to Hiroshima, the next closest city, its more like $200 for a night...    

On April 19, 2005, Blogger Andy said:

McDonalds Burger - Y168
Asahi 6-pack Y1000 (is this right?)
Andy's house - free

Total: Y1168

You know where it's at!
To prevent cop attention, I should get some wi-fi headphones and we can all dance around in silence listening to music transmitted from my Mac. That would be sweet.    

On April 19, 2005, Blogger Chris said:

Another way to prevent cop intervention is not inviting Amanda 'lets-bang-the-walls' Davis! Oooooh!


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