chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

Random Thought [第1]

Listening to 80's music while biking to work makes you feel like you're in the title sequence of an 80's teen movie.

Suggested Track: Billy Ocean - "Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car"
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On March 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said:

My favorite walking/biking tune at the moment is "Tripper Trouble" by the Beastles (that`s the Beatles remixed with the Beastie boys, btw!) It turns any kind of movement into an exciting car chase scene from an action movie!
;) Gillian.    

On March 12, 2005, Anonymous Kate said:

Ahh.. I love turning all points of my life into movie-moments with the help of a soundtrack!    

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