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The Shopping Bag

Amber and I went to Kanazawa for some shopping on Sunday... At the Uniqlo in a mall, I found a shopping bag just sitting on the ground in the front. So I pick it up, and show it to Amber. We check out what's inside: a pair of sunglasses, a big receipt, and a box. Being a curious person, I take out the box and check it out. On the top it says "Rolex."

Are you kidding me?? Someone forgets a brand new Rolex in the middle of the hallway in a mall?! I figure it's probably worth $3000.

Amber and I start freaking -- we know we should return it, but there's this HUGE temptation to keep it. Really, it would have been some spoiled Japanese girl with a LV bag in tow. So we pace inside the store, heading to the cash, and then walking back outside.

In the end, our consciences kick in and we bring the bag to the Uniqlo checkout. As the clerk was getting someone to figure out what we wanted, I (being curious again) decided to pull out the box to see what's inside. It's a brand new lady's Rolex watch, made of platinum and studded with several diamonds! I'm like, oh my god, how much is this worth?? Check out the A4 sized receipt... yeah, it was ¥900,000!!! That's $10,500 CAN! F*ck. As we stood there waiting for the clerk, a friend of the owner runs up, completely panic-stricken, and keeps repeating "sumimasen! sumimasen!" The owner then runs up, practically crying (yeah, she better be!!), and proceeds to bow and cry "sumimasen!" a billion times.

Then Amber and I watch helplessly as they saunter away with our dreams of tropical beaches... and their f*cking LV bags!!
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