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A Drill of a Day

I have a crazy little page of my Japanese life to share with you... As you may or may not know, Japan has had knife attacks in schools in the past couple of years. So, in order to prepare the teachers, they started doing drills... This is what happened at my school.

It's 3:40, I think that this drill isn't going to happen (they told us about it in the morning). I actually forgot about it for a while, and was getting ready to go home. All of a sudden, one of the kyoto-senseis (vice-principal) slams the phone, and says something. Everyone in the staffroom busts it outta the place and down the hallway. I figured I should follow since I have no idea what the hell is going on. Two of the teachers grab fire extinguishers.

I realised as I was running down the hallway that no one spoke English around me, so I was slightly helpless. I also realised that the teachers weren't running outside, but rather the classroom where the guy was! I heard yelling and rustling. I kinda hung back as the other teachers were in the classroom. The teachers with the extinguishers invaded the classroom.

The place where I decided to hang back was right next to the fire chiefs inspecting it all. Again! (If you remember my fire drill story a couple of weeks ago.) I was being completely useless. One of the chiefs asked me something, and all I caught was "Nihongo" ('Japanese'). I just knew I was getting my school into trouble or something. So I turned and ran down the hall for outside (I saw other teachers on the field).

After we all met up outside, we went back in for a meeting. The first thing we did was watch a video of the whole thing!! They taped this guy wearing a medical mask walking through the parking lot, and finding an open door. The camera followed him into the school and upstairs. (By the way, the guy wiped his shoes at the door! Even the teachers thought that was funny!)

He walked down the hallway to a doorway for a classroom. Then, the shyest teacher in all the school busted it to the door and slammed it shut! It was very intense! The guy tried forcing it open, but her and a JTE (English teacher) pushed it closed and locked it. Then guy moved into the next classroom.

As soon as the attacker walks into the classroom, the gym teacher jumps him!! He grabbed him and slammed him against the wall! They struggled for like 5 minutes. It was hilarious! At one point, the teacher said something and everyone burst out laughing. I'm pretty sure he said something like "what do I do now?" Then my kyoto-senseis and other teachers came into the room to get the guy. A couple of minutes later the cops show up with these huge poles. At the end of each pole is a half circle and an extra smaller half circle in the opposite direction. They kind of hold him with them. (I found out later from a JTE that they are restraints that have been used in Japan since the Edo period.)

After the video, we got a big lecture... but we also got to play with the poles! My teachers got a big kick outta them!

All in a day's life as an English teacher!