chris vs. the arctic

chris: 72 // the arctic: 47

Feels Like...

I'm sitting in my pajamas right now, gripping a hot cup of tea. It looks like it's extremely cold outside. The sun is out and the snow is icy. Sounds nice, right? Well sunny days are always the coldest. Let's check the Weather Network... It's -31°C, but it feels like -43°C!!! Oh man, I'm so not going outside today!

Good thing I bought a new winter coat yesterday. It's an arctic expedition quality parka jacket from Canada Goose. It's filled with duck down, covered with Teflon, and trimmed with coyote fur. (I can hear my eco friends groan...) Trust me, all those animals died for a good reason! My favourite part about it is the price -- $263 (reduced from $424).

Last night was fun as usual. The typical deal for a night out in Yellowknife involves some pre-drinking at a house or smaller bar, then a night of dancing at the White Fox. If the night is really going well, it'll end at a sketchy diner or pizza place. Now that I think about it, that's the deal for a night out almost anywhere in the world. The only difference here is that we have little to no choice for places!

Carrie and I have been having some random times at the bar in the past couple of weeks. It's been a blast! Just last night, at the sketchiest restaurant you can find in Yellowknife, a drunk woman caused some raucousness with me.

Initially, she asked me to sit next to her. I figured, whatever, I'll do it. I sit down and she proceeds to spit some "romantic" words into my ear. Ugh. So I say, "see ya", and wander back to my table.

A couple of minutes into my conversation with Carrie and the table, a half-eaten piece of spring roll comes flying past my face and hits the guy next to me! We all turned to her and tell her to get out. The guys that are sitting with her start to panic and grab their coats. Meanwhile, she's spewing out obscenities and trash talking us.

Okay, normally I'm a pretty chill guy. I don't like getting into things with random strangers. But this chica got me riled up! I start to go off on her about how she lost her right to be in the restaurant and how she was being rude. She comes over and whispers more obscenities into my ear! The manager of the place finally comes over and pulls her away. I start going off again, even louder, as she is literally being kicked through the door!

I quickly realised the entire restaurant was watching us (but laughing), so I turned back to my friends. They congratulated me for having balls. I wouldn't say I had balls... Maybe "beer balls." Pretty ghetto night, eh? Ah, small towns...

Okay, I should get dressed now and start the day. It's 13:22...

Holy Cold Snap Batman!

Okay, I know I'm forever obsessed with how cold it is here, but this has to be said -- IT'S F***ING FREEZING!!! I lost all sensation in my fingers and toes on Saturday! My pop turned to ice as I drank it walking home on Sunday! I'm even scared to take a photo with my digital camera outside. What if it breaks? It's possible!

The snow is making my life miserable. It has been snowing for literally two weeks straight! Everyone is pretty sure it's some kind of record. We have to shovel the driveway everyday. Just this morning, I had to trudge to work in 50 cm of snow! Throw in some hard ice and -25 wind... Try taking that on with loafers and a coffee in hand... Not so much fun.

In other more positive news, the holiday season is picking up! I truly missed Christmas season in Canada. Everyone is happy and thinking about parties and traveling. I especially love shopping! In fact, I did a little practicing this past weekend... I ordered some expensive underwear from a boutique shop in Vancouver, and I also picked up a Nintendo DS! Random, hey? I seriously missed video games, so it's the perfect toy for me right now. Plus, I've got the bucks to burn. Might as well, right? ;)

My next big purchase: a proper winter coat. To quote my dad after I put on my current winter jacket: "Why are you still wearing that fall jacket?" Uh... dang.

Cute and Sad!

I found this video on YouTube. It's so cute and really, really sad! Enjoy:

I've been lax with my blogging. Gomen/Sorry. It's funny how easy it is to develop a routine without noticing. Every day seems the same. Blogging hasn't been a part of my daily routine, but I'm going to change that now. There have been countless times where I said to myself, "I should blog about this!" Now those moments are gone! No more, my friend.

The biggest news I have from the past two months is that I finally got my driver's licence! It's a huge saga in my life. Basically, I didn't want it for the longest time. I didn't have a need in high school or university. Then I went away to Japan. After getting back to the Knife, I decided I needed my vehicular freedom.

During my absence, the Northwest Territories upgraded their process to a graduated system. In order to take the road test, I would have to wait one year after receiving my learner's licence. I fought that rule (since I already had my learner's for so long), and managed to take the road test in October. I was nervous, but I passed with flying colours! Now I can't get enough of driving! Good thing, though, because the ground is now covered with mounds of fluffy snow and hard ice. It's like I'm sledding/driving around the city. [To give you an idea of the ridiculous conditions out there right now: snowmobilers have their own lane on the streets! Oh Yellowknife...]

Side Note: The old driver's licences in the Northwest Territories were completely ghetto. They were laminated pieces of paper that looked like someone named Chuck made them in a back alley of Vancouver. With the new system, the NWT upgraded their cards to the "most secure licences in North America." They are printed in Ottawa and not at the Department of Transportation. The cards are hard plastic with two pictures of you -- a big one on the left, and a small one 'floating' in an oval window on the right. It has some crazy raised typing, holographics, barcodes, watermarks, etc. I hope they're good enough for an ID check in New York City!

I'm potentially buying a car in January. I haven't fully decided yet, but it's likely. Wow, I'm such a grown-up now! I have a full-time job with a pension, a driver's licence, a retirement savings plan, a platinum card, business cards, a car...

The very latest news is that my mother and I are both applying to be contestants on the Canadian version of Deal or No Deal. Believe me, it's all my mother's doing. If I get picked for an interview, I'll have to fly down to Calgary at the end of the month at my own cost. Then, if I'm chosen to be a contestant, they'd fly me to Toronto in January for the taping. Finally, if I'm picked to be on the show (not guaranteed), I'll have a chance to win one million dollars! How random would that be? ;)

I'll take some pictures of the crazy snow for all of you tomorrow. If nothing else, it's very beautiful!

My Halloween Costume


My Halloween Costume
Originally uploaded by buck82.
I was a giraffe! I made this costume myself! I bought two kids costumes at Walmart, and sewed them together. Pretty good, eh? There wasn't a lot of room in the crouch area, however...

A Photo Is Worth...

Hello to my fanbase! (Kidding...) I decided that I'm truly lazy and won't be blogging about my trip to Australia and New Zealand. (Surprise, surprise...) Basically, I have no time/motivation, but also, it's all in slideshow format on Flickr. To check out the play by play, go here.

It's time for a trip montage!

// Japan
Kate In Japan!
Shinjuku's Famous CrossingOverstimulation
Anpan Kate!Mixing of Worlds!!
Daibutsu Up Close

// Australia
Shiny Happy People
Downtown BrisbaneAn Ibis Takes A Stroll
A WallabyKoalas Being Active
Holding A Koala!
Crikey! A Croc!
Byron BayMy Thongs On The BeachKate On The BeachBeachwalkers' Shadows
Fantastic Sunset
The Sydney Opera House
Sydney TowerStatues on the ANZAC Memorial
High Above MelbourneUp High

// New Zealand
The Auckland Skyline
Sky TowerAuckland Sail
Sheep!Pebbly Beach at Kaikoura
Kari and I Back Together!
The Mountains, The Rocks, A Seal
Sperm Whale!

// Hong Kong
Back In Hong Kong

What a sexy looking trip, eh? ;)

A Quick Update and a Discovery

I started my new job this week. I'm working at the Audit Bureau for the Government of the Northwest Territories. Basically, I'll be assisting on audits. I think it's going to be pretty interesting doing investigations and all that. My office is great too!

My blog entry on the trip is coming along... The bottleneck is my photos. There are too many! Go here to check them out: JANZ (Japan, Australia, and New Zealand).

While I was in Japan, my parents entered me into a raffle at my brother's high school. I won the second prize -- a 20 minute helicopter tour of Yellowknife with 3 friends! Brenna, Christie, Chantelle, and I will be riding in style this Friday afternoon! Look for those pictures soon.

My LSAT is next weekend!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Now for the discovery: I just discovered that my grandpa's nickname in the military during WWII was 'Buck'! I have been unwittingly carrying on the tradition!

Here's a photo taken from my back deck the other day:

A Yellowknife Sunset